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 Healing Hands Massage Services

Healing Hands Massage has tailored their services to ensure maximum relaxation and healing is felt by every one of their Sunshine Coast clients. Their massage services always aim to provide an intense, long term healing experience that will ensure the very best mental and physical health. By searching for, and eradicating, knots in your body, they will successfully relieve stress, anxiety and negative thought patterns.

What to Expect

When you first walk into Healing Hands Massage's rooms expect an atmosphere that will excite all your senses and leave you at complete ease. After laying down you will feel fingers on your shoulders, looking for pressure points and problem areas. As the massage progresses you will realise that this is no ordinary experience. Your body will start to feel completely satisfied and healed of all its worries and problems.

All Natural Oils

Healing Hands Massage only uses natural and essential oils for all of their messages. All of the products they use are made by hand by a Chinese naturalist, meaning that no nasty chemicals or additives will be used.
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